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An exclusive guide to pave diamond settings

Learn everything about pave diamond settings with Beladamaz guide. Pave diamond settings are a unique & detailed way to display diamonds, making them sparkle.

Pave diamond settings

What are pave diamonds ?

Pave settings use many tiny diamonds placed close together. The term ‘pave’ comes from the French word for road or pavement, aiming to create the effect of a continuous road of diamonds around the band.

Pave settings offer a constant shimmer, as light reflects off the numerous diamonds.

Moreover, To create a pave setting, jewelers drill tiny holes into the band and set the diamonds into these holes. This detailed process gives the setting its stunning shine, making the ring catch the eye when worn.

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Types of pave settings

There are several types of pave settings, each showcasing diamonds in its own way.

1. French pave settings use a traditional method, placing each diamond in a small, V-shaped space.

2. Petite pave settings use smaller prongs, making the diamonds more visible on the finished ring.

3. Micro pave settings represent the height of intricate design, often featuring over 100 tiny diamonds for a stunning effect.

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What are pave diamonds chosen for ?

The complexity of pave settings can be both a benefit and a drawback, depending on how often you plan to wear your ring.

Moreover, If you wear your pave diamond ring frequently, you will need to take extra care to maintain it. The intricate design can make the ring more prone to damage, so it’s important to handle it carefully and clean it regularly to keep it looking its best.

Pros of Pave diamond settings

One of the biggest benefits of pave diamond settings is the extra sparkle and brilliance they add to a ring.

Pave settings enhance any center stone, giving the ring a sophisticated look for any occasion.

Moreover, They can also be tailored to suit various jewelry styles. Whether you prefer a vintage or modern design, you can find a pave diamond setting that matches your style.

Cons of Pave diamond settings

Pave settings need more professional maintenance to keep the tiny diamonds from coming loose with regular wear over time.

Another drawback is that their complex design can make resizing difficult.

Because of their intricate design, some people wonder if pave diamonds fall out easily. While the settings can be delicate, the small diamonds only come loose if the setting is not handled carefully.

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The place to find all types of pave settings

At Beladamaz, We offer a variety of pave diamond settings, eternity rings, and custom engagement rings.

Although pave settings need more care than simpler bands, they are a unique choice that will definitely catch people’s attention.

Check out our collection of pave diamond settings in-store or online to find your next standout piece.

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