Precious Metals


Precious Metals

Metals are indispensable when it comes to adornments. Through out the recorded history of man, different kinds of metals were in use for jewellery making.

Precious metals like Gold, Silver and Platinum are extensively used for jewellery because of the lustre and properties like malleability and ductility. When the pliable properties makes them easy to work with, the distinct colours and lustre makes them exquisite. Expensive metals are exclusive and rare compared to their counterparts which will add the inherent value in its scarcity.


Gold is the most popular metal in the jewellery industry. Gold has some spectacular features which makes it perfect for jewellery. Gold, with its high lustre and unique colour stands out in the crowd of other metals when it comes to beauty. Besides its aesthetic appeal, gold is highly malleable and ductile which makes it easy to sculpt and mould into complex and highly detailed designs. Gold is extremely un-reactive so that it wont get dull easily over time unlike other metals. The bright colour, lustre and beauty of the gold will stay as it is for years.