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Exclusive Bespoke diamond rings in Dubai – 2024

We create custom engagement rings right here, which helps us keep prices low, starting at 6100 AED. You’ll also get top-notch quality, and your ring will be ready in just 4 to 5 days.

Bespoke diamond rings in Dubai

Creating A Bespoke Engagement Ring

We have our own designers, workshops, and goldsmiths to make bespoke engagement rings just for you. This means you can design, adjust, and personalize your ring exactly how you want. Learn more about creating your own custom ring today.

Should I buy a bespoke ring ?

Designing a bespoke engagement ring lets you make something truly personal: you can customize a classic design to match your style or create a completely original ring.

When you work with Beldamaz experts to create your engagement ring, you’re involved every step of the way. Whether you’re selecting the center stone and choosing a classic design or collaborating with our designers to craft something unique, it’s a personalized experience. We provide expert guidance to help you create the perfect ring that suits you best, ensuring great value along the way.

Bespoke ring design tips

We prioritize designing each ring with integrity. Both style and substance matter equally to us, ensuring your ring remains timeless in both durability and beauty.

Start with the setting

Start by selecting the style for your custom engagement ring. You can choose from four classic ring styles: solitaire, diamond band, halo, and trilogy. Once you decide on your favorite style, you can begin personalizing it to make it uniquely yours.

Bespoke diamond rings Dubai
Choose your desired diamond

Choose your desired diamond

With a custom engagement ring, you can personalize your diamond by choosing its cut, clarity, and color. You’ll also pick the carat weight, starting from options like 0.5ct, 1ct, and 2ct rings and larger.

Explore diamond guides to understand more about cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Personalise your ring

You have several options to personalize your engagement ring with meaningful details. You can engrave a special message, add diamond accents such as a hidden halo, bezel setting, or diamond bridge. Another idea is to include a gemstone inside the ring band, choosing one that holds significance for you or your partner. These choices allow you to create a unique and sentimental bespoke engagement ring.

Bespoke diamond rings Dubai

Finding ring inspiration

Explore our extensive ring inspiration gallery to discover styles you love and kickstart your custom ring journey. You can also find inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. Our own Ring Inspiration Gallery showcases designs we’ve created before, helping you pinpoint your preferences.

Consider whether you prefer a contemporary, classic, or vintage-inspired ring. Let us know the design elements you admire, and we’ll collaborate to create your dream ring.

With inspiration, you can merge styles you adore and have a unique engagement ring crafted just for you by Beladamaz Jewelry.

We understand, this might be your first time.

That’s why we have diamond and design experts ready to help you at every step. They’ll explain everything from carat, color, cut, and clarity to designing your ideal ring.

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